Planning for 2020-21

Several questions below were updated on January 29, 2021. Please look for a note "UPDATED 1/29/2021" for new information.

Faculty and staff are reminded to refer to the Faculty/Staff Portal for information about quarantine duties and procedures and to the January 27 email from Mary Liscinsky for Winter Term 2 testing information.

Plan for Winter Term 2 (February 1–March 8)

On January 8, Head of School Sheila Culbert announced that the school is on track to return to in-person learning for Winter Term 2, which runs from February 1 through March 8. Our current plan is to bring boarding students back to campus the weekend of January 30–31; hold online classes for everyone the first week of the term, February 1–5, while boarding students complete a modified five-day quarantine on campus; and then resume in-person classes for everyone on February 8.

Key to a successful and safe transition back to an in-person community experience will be testing and compliance with all safety protocols. Please review the information below carefully. Additional details and reminders will be posted here and emailed to families in the weeks leading up to the start of Winter Term 2.

The health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff will continue to guide the school's planning. If conditions dictate that the school change its plans for the coming term, students, parents, faculty, and staff will be notified by email.

(updated January 29, 2021)


FAQs: Winter Term 2

1. Will the school hold in-person classes during Winter Term 2?
Yes. All students — boarding and day — are welcome to return to campus for in-person classes during Winter Term 2.

2. Will the school offer online classes during Winter Term 2?
Yes. Students who cannot return to school due to travel restrictions and/or health concerns may choose to continue their studies online.

3. Can a student decide to stay online for Winter Term 2 and then return to in-person classes for Spring Term 1?
Yes, but because the school is open for in-person classes during Winter Term 2, a boarding student who had planned to be on campus but decides to stay online will still be responsible for Winter Term 2 room and board.

4. What are the dates for Winter Term 2?
Winter Term 2 will begin on Monday, February 1, and will end on Monday, March 8. Boarding students will move back to campus the weekend of January 30–31. Please refer to the updated calendar for the dates of Winter Term 2 and Spring Term 1 and 2.

5. UPDATED 1/29/2021: What are the Winter Term 2 move-in dates and times for boarding students?
Boarding students will move back to campus the weekend of January 30–31. Families are asked to follow the schedule below so the school can best manage arrival testing and the number of people on campus.

If you can't move in at your assigned date/time, please contact your dean.

Information about where to check in when you arrive on campus was sent to boarding families by the deans the week of January 25. Boarders may not enter their dormitories until taking their arrival COVID test and being cleared by the Health Center.

  • Saturday, January 30, 2–4 p.m.: International students, RAs, and prefects
  • Sunday, January 31, 10 a.m.–12:30 p.m.: All other boarding students with last names A–M
  • Sunday, January 31, 1:30–4 p.m.: All other boarding students with last names N–Z

6. How do I let the school know my child's plans for Winter Term 2?
Similar to past terms, all families will be asked to complete a survey indicating if their child will be taking classes online or in person for Winter Term 2. That survey was emailed to families on Monday, January 11.

7. UPDATED 1/15/2021: Will there be COVID-19 testing and/or other requirements for students prior to arrival on campus for Winter Term 2?
Yes. All students must present a negative PCR test before returning to campus. Details about pre-arrival testing were emailed to parents and students on Thursday, January 14. Read more.

Additionally, all students must commit to best practices pertaining to COVID-19 prevention starting on January 25. This means remaining at home unless absolutely necessary (such as a visit to a medical professional); monitoring their health via the REACH app and letting the Health Center know if they have any symptoms consistent with COVID-19; wearing a mask around those outside the family unit if that interaction is unavoidable; not participating in group gatherings, including sport practices or games; washing hands regularly; and practicing social distancing.

8. Why is the school requiring a modified quarantine for boarding students during the first week of Winter Term 2?
The modified quarantine will allow our students to meet the requirements of the state of Connecticut travel advisory as well as provide an additional level of safety for the boarding community and the community overall.

9. What will the modified quarantine look like?
For their first week on campus, boarding students will spend the majority of time in their rooms and on their floors, including when they are engaging in their classes online. We will create opportunities for them to leave their dormitories with their floor and hallmates for daily physical activity as well as for other events. Our goal is to emerge from quarantine with a strong level of confidence that there is no COVID-19 in our boarding community.

10. When can day students return to campus?
Like boarding students, day students will complete their first week of classes online. Day students can return to campus for in-person classes and other school activities starting on February 8.

11. What will on-campus safety protocols look like in Winter Term 2?
All students, faculty, and staff will follow safety protocols similar to those that were in place during Fall Term 2. These include wearing masks, social distancing, and frequent hand washing. More details will be available in the agreement students and parents will receive the week of January 11 and on the website that same week.

12. Will boarding students be allowed to leave campus or have visitors during Winter Term 2?
As in Fall Term 2, boarding students will not be allowed to leave campus or have visitors come to campus during Winter Term 2. At this time, boarding students will not be able to leave campus during the brief breaks between terms. The school will reassess these guidelines before each new term begins and make any modifications as conditions allow.

13. NEW 1/29/20201: How will I know if there have been any changes to my class schedule and how do I get books?
Please refer to the January 27, 2021 email from the director of studies for information about Winter Term 2 schedules and how to get your books.

(updated January 29, 2021)




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