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Isso Shimamoto, Mathematics

What do you enjoy most about teaching advanced-level math?

I really enjoy teaching students who push me to continually think about the content I'm covering in new ways. I enjoy seeing students working through incredibly challenging questions then coming out on the other side not only with a solution, but also with an enormous amount of pride.

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Fred Seebeck, English

What is one of your favorite pedagogical moments at Loomis Chaffee?

I like to take my classes out of the classroom and have them do something different, so I started taking them to exhibits in the RAC (Richmond Art Center). There I have the students spend a period walking around and looking at the photos or paintings and then ask each of them to build a story around a work of art of their choosing. I like to cross boundaries between disciplines and observe things that would not necessarily be incorporated into an English classroom.

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Rachel Engelke, History

What makes Loomis Chaffee special to you?

There's really something for everyone. Some of my students went on to music conservatories or art schools; others competed in college athletics. Loomis Chaffee embraces all of those students and helps them each find their own paths.

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Koby Osei-Mensah, Science

What motivated you to become a science teacher?

I think that teaching science is an amalgamation of my interest in helping others and of my passion, science. It's great as a teacher to be able to show my students the mystery and beauty in chemistry.

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Rachel Nisselson, French and Spanish

What has been a transformational moment for you in teaching language?

After studying foreign language teaching methods and second language acquisition research at Vanderbilt, I reshaped many of my practices. The way I teach language now is in line with what current research has to say about how people learn languages.

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