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Make today matter.

At Loomis Chaffee our students don’t just prepare for tomorrow. They are empowered to solve real-world problems big and small —

Starting today.

It begins

in the classroom.

We don’t just teach. We nurture curiosity. Loomis Chaffee students pursue academic excellence, expand their perspectives, and push the limits of their perceived abilities.

It’s distinctly Loomis Chaffee

We don’t just help you find your passion. We embolden you to live your purpose.

It becomes a personal journey.

Our students come from all over the world to forge paths as diverse as their backgrounds, while sharing a commitment to the best self and the common good.

What will your journey look like?

No one journeys alone...

We don’t just live together. We learn from each other, support one another, laugh a lot, and have fun!

“I could feel the excitement and sense of school spirit that Loomis had when I arrived for my first time on campus. I immediately knew that Loomis was the place for me.”

Will Chien ’22

These are our stories.

There’s always news to share in a community composed of curious mathematicians, fearless scientists, future philosophers, thought-provoking writers, elite athletes, talented artists, emerging entrepreneurs, and environmental and political activists.