Guest Musicians Work With Students and Perform

A violinist with the Cuatro Puntos string ensemble presented a masterclass for Loomis Chaffee chamber music students on Thursday, January 30, and the ensemble performed in a public recital that evening in Hubbard Performance Hall.

Cuatro Puntos is a Hartford-based nonprofit arts organization dedicated to advancing social change and giving voice to the underserved through music composition, performance, and education. The musicians connect with audiences locally and worldwide by performing cross-cultural music that encompasses a variety of genres.

Ensemble member Aaron Packard worked with the Music Department’s afternoon intensive chamber music program during the afternoon on Thursday. In the evening, the ensemble gave a moving performance of “The Curve” by Iraqi composer Ameen Mokdad, featuring the string quartet accompanied by a dumbek — a hand drum from Middle Eastern and North African cultures — and with recitation of poetry in Arabic.

The string ensemble visited Loomis as Guest Musicians, a program made possible with support from the Joseph Stookins Lecture Fund.