Melanie Carr Exhibit Opens in Mercy Gallery

Deconstructing Constructs, a solo exhibition by artist and Loomis Chaffee visual arts teacher Melanie Carr, opened Thursday, February 10, in the Sue and Eugene Mercy Gallery in the Richmond Art Center and is on display through April 10.  

The exhibit features a series of nine colorful and engaging sculptures, paintings, and design objects intended to evoke an interaction with the viewer.  

In addition to the paintings and sculptures, the show includes a large grid structure in the middle of the exhibition that also serves as a bench, titled “Floor Structure”, and a shelf, titled “Wall Hug,” that seems to emerge from the wall to reach out to the viewer.  

Speaking to students at the gallery opening on Thursday, Melanie explained the ideas behind her art. “It’s okay for you to not know what something is and let your mind wander a bit and make your own connections for the work that you see,” she said. “The best artwork asks more questions than it answers.” 

The exhibition coincides with two student shows in the Barnes and Wilde galleries: the 2022 Loomis Chaffee Annual Portrait Gallery and featured works from all art classes with an emphasis on photography and digital media.  

Students, faculty, and staff may view the exhibition in the Richmond Art Center during regular school hours. We regret that public visitation to the Mercy Gallery is not permitted at this time due to COVID-19 safety restrictions.  

For more information, connect to the online exhibit