Music Teacher Performs Violin Recital Including Original Compositions

In an interactive performance of music and discussion, Netta Hadari, a violinist, composer, and teacher in the Loomis Chaffee Performing Arts Department, performed a series of pieces for the violin on September 28 in the Hubbard Performance Hall.  

The recital, titled The 21st Century Violin included five pieces by contemporary composers Daniel Bernard Roumain, Roxana Panufnik, Istvan Peter B’Racz, and Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson; two original pieces composed by Netta; and a 19th-century work by Niccoló Paganini.  

Between musical selections, Netta answered questions from the audience about his compositional process, inspirations, and playing style. Netta’s compositions, “Rise” and “Happy Old Marriage,” were inspired by the work of artists Stacy-Ann Rowe ‘97 and Jennifer McCandless, both of whom teach in the Visual Arts Department. Netta explained that he began working on the compositions as a way to collaborate with his visual arts colleagues. He composed each piece based on the impressions evoked when viewing their artwork, and he said his pieces are musical expressions of those emotions and ideas. 

Netta received a bachelor’s degree in music from Southern Methodist University and his master’s degree from the Yale School of Music. In addition to directing the Loomis Chaffee Orchestra, leading the Chamber Music program, and teaching music theory and violin, Netta helps to run the educational programs at the New Britain Symphony Orchestra, where he conducts the Young People’s Concert. He is also an accomplished solo performer.  

(L to R) "Happy Old Marriage" by Jennifer McCandless and "Crown" by Stacy-Ann Rowe ’97