Pelicans and Daisies Collaborate on a Novel Idea

Loomis Chaffee art students designed book covers this winter for Spanish-language novels written by students from nearby Miss Porter’s School in a collaborative project that also brought together two sisters who are Loomis alumnae.

Stacy-Ann Rowe ’97 (who goes by “Ro”) and her sister, Terry Rowe-Bailey ’03 (who goes by “Ro B”), came up with the idea for the collaboration between Ro’s Digital Arts & Media Design students at Loomis and Ro B’s Spanish III students at Miss Porter’s.

The seven students in Ro B’s Spanish class were assigned to write narrative novelas, dramatic works of Spanish-language fiction.

Each of the 10 budding digital designers in Ro’s class were assigned a Miss Porter’s novela writer as a “client.” The student designers conducted “creative briefs” via email with their clients and then designed the front and back of the book cover according to the writers’ specifications. The Loomis designers had the first six weeks of winter term to complete their assignment.

At a reception on Thursday, February 13, in the Richmond Art Center, the Loomis art students unveiled their book cover designs for the Miss Porter’s novela writers, who traveled to Windsor for the event, and the collaborative partners met one another.

“I am so thrilled with my students’ work,” said Ro at the reception. “They really did a great job.” Her students had the real-world experience of working to meet a client’s expectations and needing to use good time management skills in order to keep to a production schedule.

Ro B was equally impressed with both the Loomis designs and her students’ work. The novelas, complete with their cover designs, will be finished at the end of the school year.

Ro B said she hopes she and her sister will find more opportunities for collaborative learning between their respective students.

Concurrent with the student-curated exhibit "Youth" in the Richmond Art Center's Sue and Eugene Mercy Jr. Gallery, the "Novela" exhibit will be on display through April 14.