Students Exhibit Summer Art and Writing Explorations

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Loomis Chaffee is celebrating students’ visual art and literary talent this fall with the Emerging Artists and Emerging Writers exhibits, featuring the summer explorations of six student artists and 33 student writers.

The exhibits are installed physically in the Barnes and Wilde galleries of the Richmond Art Center (RAC) and in a publicly accessible online gallery.

The Emerging Writers program invites student writers of all inspirations to submit proposals for independent development during the summer. At the end of the summer, the Emerging Writers share their work with the Loomis community.

A record number of students participated in the Emerging Writers program this year, according to Kate Saxton, director of Writing Initiatives.

“We are delighted to be able to exhibit 33 fantastic portfolios featuring a variety of styles and genres. I find it inspiring that so many of our students chose to write over the summer as a way to express themselves and to find meaning and comfort during this period of social distancing and disruption to the status quo," she said.

Similarly, the Emerging Artists program invites student visual artists to pursue a project over the summer and submit the completed work for the annual showcase.

“Every year we are happily surprised by works in all sorts of media,” commented Jennifer McCandless, head of the Visual Arts Department, who noted that the Emerging Artists are inspired by their own passion and curiosity to create and submit their work. “We also enjoy receiving submissions from newly-admitted students as it's an amazing introduction to them and a way for and us to know them early on in their artistic career at Loomis,” Jen said.

In past years student artists and writers were feted at a reception in the RAC, but due to COVID -19 safety restrictions, there are no receptions or large gatherings on campus.

Public, in-person visits to the Barnes and Wilde galleries are not permitted at this time; however, students and faculty who have permission to be on campus and are observing COVID-19 safety protocols may view the exhibit during regular school hours through November 19.

Everyone is invited to view the online Emerging Artists and Emerging Writers exhibits.

Connect to the webpages for Visual Arts and Writing Initiatives at Loomis Chaffee.