The Love of Three Oranges Blossoms Despite the Weather

A 31-member student cast and crew presented the raucous slapstick comedy The Love of Three Oranges during a five-night run last week on both an outdoor stage next to Chaffee Hall and in the Hubbard Performance Hall. 

The play, by Hilary DePiano, is based on a Commedia Dell’arte scenario by Carlo Gozzi and tells a classic tale of jealousy, love, friendship, and laughter. The Loomis Chaffee production incorporated many references to Island landmarks and used the venues to full advantage with improvisational jokes and running commentary about the performance spaces from the cast as the actors performed. 

The show was directed by theater teacher David McCamish, and assistant directed by English teacher David Edgar. The cast included senior Aidan Cooper as Tartaglia, and, in dual roles, seniors Vanessa Magid as Fata Morgana/Dottore and Benjamin Radmore as Pantalone/Creonta. The stage management team was led by senior Jasper Gitlitz. 

“The student actors rose to the challenges of improvisation and comedic acting technique, and the student technicians were actively involved in the creation of the set, lighting design, and building costumes,” said Sue Chrzanowski, head of the Loomis Chaffee Performing Arts Department, which produced the play. Despite moving between indoor and outdoor venues throughout the rain-filled week, the entire production team created a unique and entertaining show, displaying adaptability on both the outdoor stage and inside Hubbard, Sue remarked. 

The playbill is available online as is a gallery of photos of the performances.