TRUTH/NO TRUTH by James Tyler in Mercy Gallery

“Brickhead,” a large-scale sculpture of a human head by artist James Tyler was installed in the courtyard of the Richmond Art Center this month in conjunction with “TRUTH/NO TRUTH,” an exhibition of Mr. Tyler’s work in the art center’s Sue and Eugene Mercy Jr. Gallery.

The sculpture, constructed from a variety of ceramics, will remain in the RAC courtyard for the school year.

Mr. Tyler is well-known for his Brickhead series of installations, which he describes on his webpage as  “unique colossal heads that invite us to identify with the world’s ceramic heritages. They bring today’s faces together with pre-Columbian, South American, Native American, Asian, African, and Western influences.”

The artist earned a master’s degree in fine arts from Hampshire College in 1975 and studied at Herron School of Art in Indianapolis. Mr. Tyler’s unique, handmade sculptures are made from bricks of architectural red clay or buff stoneware that have a natural ceramic finish, and he achieves a variation in the bricks’ color during the firing process. His work has been exhibited in multiples venues across the United States.

Mr. Tyler’s art exhibition “TRUTH/NO TRUTH” opened on Tuesday, September 17, and is on display in the Mercy Gallery until November 1. Concurrently, a Loomis Chaffee Community Art Exhibition and Emerging Artists and Emerging Writers student exhibitions are on display in the Barnes and Wilde galleries of the Richmond Art Center.

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