Boys Hockey Travels To Germany

The boys varsity ice hockey team traveled to Germany, Italy, and Austria during the Thanksgiving break as part of a team trip that included games against local teams and visits to historical sites in all three countries.

Twenty-seven team members, 10 families and three faculty members, head coach and history teacher J.R. Zavisza, assistant coach Nick Miceli, and history teacher Reem Aweida Parsons, spent the first five days of the trip in Fussen, Germany, where they enjoyed the cafes, shops, sights, and a lot of fresh eats by day and played hockey games in the vicinity by night. 

The final three days of the trip were spent in Munich, which included a day trip to Nuremberg as well. The group visited several churches, Neuschwanstein Castle, World War II-related sites, the sites of four Olympic Games (Garmish 1936, Munich 1972, and Innsbruck 1964 and 1976), and three Christmas markets. With a mixture of structured time and free time, the boys were able to spend the trip with family members and teammates while also learning about the history and cultures of the places where they stayed.

To read more about the trip and the games played, please read Coach Zavizsa’s detailed report.