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Pelicans of the Week

Congratulations to these student athletes for being named Pelicans of the Week by their coaches. The honor is given to students who stand out on the playing field as well as those who act as excellent teammates.

Girls JV Soccer

Freshman Inari Barrett

Inari earns #JVKicks Pelican of the Week honors due to her relentless work ethic, desire to improve, and unfailing devotion to the team’s cause. During every practice Inari works to elevate her level of play, and that attitude rubs off on those around her. In games, her versatility has allowed her to see crucial minutes at multiple positions, and she is often relied on to infuse the team with energy if the collective effort begins to wane. Excellent work, Inari!

Girls JV Volleyball

Sophomore Ellen Olender and Kayla Cui

Ellen, as a second year JV player, worked hard to improve her game in the off-season and has made solid strides. She is enthusiastic and willing to play where needed. This past week, she won points off powerful attacks as outside hitter and had several long serving strings that secured the Pelican lead. Very vocal (and often very funny), Ellen is also a spirited team leader from the sidelines when she is not in the game, and her role in building team morale in this way is key.

Kayla is new to Loomis volleyball though she arrived with valuable experience. We’ve been very pleased to see the improvement she has made in defense and as an aggressive server. Not always getting game time, Kayla makes excellent use of practice to develop her skills and helps the team immeasurably when she challenges them from the serving line and makes remarkable saves. Kudos to both Ellen and Kayla for contributing so much to the success of this talented JV squad!

Girls JV Field Hockey

Sophomores Maggie Sanderson and Khushi Mahajan

Not only are these two players returners to the team, but they quickly won the hearts of everyone for their natural leadership and dedication to the game. Both serving as captains this season, Maggie and Khushi hold their teammates accountable and lead by example both on and off the field. Maggie has been an integral piece of our midfield puzzle, helping to both transition out of the defense as well as attack on offense. Khushi has improved tremendously since her freshman season and has proven so in her efforts to keep opponents from threatening the defensive circle. Together, these two are a force to be reckoned with. Congratulations and keep up the hard work!

Girls III Soccer

Freshman Angelina Amastal, sophomore tri captain Mariapaula Gonzalez, and junior Biani Ebie

Mariapula earns the Pelican of the Week nod for scoring, arguably, the most sensational goal of the season yet. Following a perfect long pass from sophomore defender Hazel Le, MP quickly carried the ball half of the field, beating Marianapolis’s defenders and sending an incredible shot past the goalie into the right corner of the net. It’s a moment we wish we had captured on video! Brava, MP!

Biani had an excellent game against Marianapolis. Fearless and persistent, she stepped to every single ball, never gave up on any 50/50 ball, and made some excellent passes. There were at least two instances when Biani beat Marianapolis’s defenders and carried the ball into their 18-yard box, creating scoring opportunities for the team. Excellent work, Biani!

Angelina, a stalwart defender, has been one of our most consistent defenders this season. Unafraid to step to any ball, Angie plays confidently and works well with the rest of the defenders. Her persistence and skills were on full display this past Saturday when she intercepted many passes and blocked many balls that easily could have put the team in a dangerous position. Keep up the fantastic work, Angie!    

Boys Cross Country

Sophomore Dejean Sypher, Will Jackson, Bill Ngo, and Oscar Yan

A bona-fide rookie distance runner, sophomore Dejean Sypher has impressed teammates and coaches with his relaxed stride and his relaxed demeanor, both of which always belying the intensity of his commitment to LCXC and the feistiness of his competitive spirit. This past Saturday, Dijon found some new gears as he sprinted in alongside teammate Oscar Yan, the two separated by barely half a second in places 6thand 7thfor Pelicans, 15thand 16thoverall:  terrific teamwork, terrific racing, Dijon!

Though he is new this year to LC and to LCXC, Will Jackson is not new to distance running, and this past weekend at the Shaler Invitational, the combination of his past experience and his most recent training propelled him to a swift 20:34, 19thand a place overall in the 154-deep JV field. He may still argue that soccer is his first love and his better sport, but his coaches and teammates will argue that his unflaggingly cheerful practice demeanor and steadily improving race results are suggesting otherwise!

A year ago, the LCXC team was celebrating Bill Ngo’s first-ever sub-30:00 time over 5km, a considerable achievement for someone who began his first season on the Island doing almost as much walking as he did running in practices and races.  This past week, deep into his second season of cross country, Bill not only raced his first-ever sub-23:00 5 km, but also finished 23rdamong Pelicans, 74thoverall and in the top half of the Shaler Invitational’s JV race.  Bill is the perfect poster boy for how far (and fast) you can go with a positive attitude and consistent commitment to goals!

With darkness dropping fast over the fields of Williston Northampton this past Saturday, the officials decided to begin the Shaler Invitational’s JV race early…a modest eight minutes early, but eight minutes that found, when the gun when off, new sophomore Oscar Yan still lacing up his racing shoes and tugging off his warmups. Despite leaving the line a full 10+ seconds behind the rest of the field, and despite running the entire race with his laces untied and flapping, Oscar conjured the composure to focus not on the anything-but-propitious start, but instead upon his ideal race and desired finish.  The result? An impressive 15thplace overall and 5thamong Pelicans, to secure for LCXC the team win with just 30 points. 

Girls Field Hockey

Sophomore Donatella DeFazio 

Quiet by nature, Donatella doesn't need to be loud in order to get her teammates attention. Her hard work, her intensity at practice and in games, and her love of the game have earned her this week's nomination. She doesn't always contribute on the scoresheet, but Donatella does the dirty work, causing fits for offenses with her relentless pursuit of the ball and her commitment to keeping the ball once she has gained possession. She has become an integral part of this roster and without her this team would have the success that it has had this year. Keep it up Donatella!