A Snowy Weekend on the Island

After waking up to six inches of fresh snow on Friday morning, January 7, Loomis Chaffee students, faculty, and staff enjoyed a wintry weekend on campus.  

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the school was closed to outside visitors during the weekend and boarding students were required to remain on campus. However, with indoor and outdoor activities planned, the closed campus was a beehive of activity.  

Students sledded on Flagg Hill, built snow forts on Grubbs Quadrangle, played touch football in the snow on Pratt Field, competed in snow dodgeball, warmed up by fire pits around campus, and enjoyed hot cocoa in the SNUG. According to Kayla Padroff, director of student activities, the weekend’s activities aimed to maximize outdoor opportunities and offer a variety of options for students to enjoy.  

Students welcomed the opportunities to enjoy the winter weather. Freshmen Maya Bell and her friends appreciated the opportunities to get out of the dorms and into the snow. Maya especially enjoyed the sledding on Friday night and the hot cocoa, she said.    

To cap off the weekend, students made candy apples in the dining hall on Sunday afternoon, where they smothered apples in caramel and chocolate. “It got kind of messy,” Maya said, “but it was fun.”