Debate Society Hosts 38th Loomis Chaffee Tournament

The Loomis Chaffee Debate Society hosted its 38th annual debate tournament on Sunday, January 12, attracting 180 debaters from 14 schools from around the Northeast.

Students debated both sides of the resolution: “Resolved, that the United States should adopt a program of reparations to redress the harms caused by historic, systemic racist policies, including slavery.” Debaters were given just over an hour to work with a comprehensive packet of information and articles assembled on the topic by Curt Robison, the Debate Society’s longtime faculty advisor and coach.

Highlights for the Pelican debate squad included the performance of freshmen Tina Mai and Calvin Pan who were undefeated and won the top two-person team award out of the 38 teams in their division.  Tina was the fourth-place novice speaker out of 76, and sophomore Jordan Korn was the fifth-place novice. The advanced teams of senior Maral Asik and junior Aidan Gillies; junior Victoria Che and senior Eleanor Peters; and juniors Zach Davis and Matthew Weng had 2-1 records. Loomis Chaffee won the award as the third-place advanced team out of 16. Additionally, Zach placed fourth out of 64 advanced speakers in only his second debate in the division.

Juniors Clara Chen and Lily Potter; sophomores Aidan Frazier and Justin Guo; and freshmen Dora Lin and Justin Wu all provided essential assistance to faculty debate coaches Michaela Chipman and Curt to help the tournament run smoothly.