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English Honors Tea Celebrates Student Writing

The writing of 91 students was celebrated on Friday, May 17, at the English Honors Tea, where honorees, their teachers, and parents enjoyed sweet treats while reading the works on display in the Katharine Brush Library and listening to five students read their selected papers for the gathering. The honored papers included personal narratives and essays, analytical writing, short fiction, and poetry.

Stephen Colgate, head of the English Department, greeted the audience and congratulated the students for their outstanding writing. At the conclusion of his remarks, he encouraged the students to "just keep living and just keep writing."

Five students were chosen to read their papers aloud for the audience. Freshman Cooper Donovan read his narrative, "The Legacy of a Dent," about how his first big fall on his bike opened his eyes to his passion for the sport. Junior Isabel Ruppel read her narrative titled "Lettering Blues" about her tenacious insistence to hold her pencil with "improper grip." Sophomore Natalie Halsey read a heritage paper that explored the difficulty she has felt fitting into both of her cultures' body ideals. Senior Ryan Natcharian read from a character portrait based on Celeste Ng's Everything I Never Told You. Senior Quincy Williams read her essay titled "The Malleable Bond" about the relationship between parent and child, illustrated by William Shakespeare's characters in King Lear.

A full list of honorees can be viewed here.