History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies Scholars Honored

Students and faculty gathered in Katharine Brush Library on Friday, May 12, for the annual History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies Honors Tea to recognize students who have excelled in their studies of these three fields this year.  

In his opening remarks, Department Head Eric LaForest challenged students to put the knowledge and skills they acquired this year to good use. Paraphrasing the civil rights leader and Episcopal priest Paul Washington, Eric urged students to ask themselves, “How can I use my abilities as a scholar, as a writer, as a thinker, as a citizen to promote more equity and justice” in the world?  

Prior to the presentation of certificates, seniors Nia Hardaway, Justin Wu, and John Sihn related memories of their history, philosophy, and religious studies classes.   


Matt Aljian 
Aidan Cooper 
Donatella DeFazio 
Maria Paula Gonzalez  
Nia Hardaway 
Taylor Hyland 
Isabella Jiang 
Jada Kairys 
Camryn Kaleugher 
Jordan Korn 
Hazel Le 
Will Natcharian 
Jenny Pan 
John Riley 
Lillie Szemraj 
Pilar Wingle 
Justin Wu 
Ivan Zbobnov 
Stacey Zhang

Arthur Beaugeard  
Quinn Bernardin 
Toby Bushley  
Edouard Dupont 
Ignacio Feged 
Ethan Guo 
Sydney Hanley 
Pynn Harinsuit 
Salvador Katz 
Emily Khym 
Taylor Labrie 
Jim Le 
Kirsten Lees 
Michelle Liu 
Anthony Luo 
Malcolm McPherson 
Savannah Mills-Hall 
Sandro Mocciolo 
Gautham Narendar 
Madison Oh 
Chinelo Osakwe 
Calvin Pan 
Nandini Ramanathan 
Susan Ran 
Elliot Shani 
Helen Shen 
Jane Smagulova 
Jenna Smith 
Seth Sukboontip 
Annie Sun  
Eric Sun 
Samantha Tishler 
Chau Tran 
Jaelyn Walsh  
Ella Xue 
Jamie Zou 

Kayla Anderson  
Orion Browne  
Samantha Carr  
Ryan Che 
Luke Daugherty 
Olivia Dunlea 
Bella Flowers 
Anna Lee Geoghan 
Emma Hannah 
Moslima H. 
Michael Hoffman 
Giancarlo Lamenzo 
Khanh Le 
Lucas Levine 
James Livingstone 
Preston McNulty Socha 
Mina Ruffle 
Jackie Ryckman 
Melody Saunders  
Anya Scott  
Annie Shactman 
Sofia Sorce 
Yilin Yang 
Angela Ye 

Toby Chen 
Bryan Chung 
Cara Dai 
Sara Feged 
Maren Forrest 
Charlotte Furia  
Akum Grover 
Sydney Hallowell 
Luke Han  
Sally Hayes 
Isabella Heflin 
Michaela Howe 
Farrah Kanorwalla 
Julius Kim 
Rachael Lantner  
Dito Nong  
Grace Rodner 
Iris Sande 
Oat Twinvitoo 
Christine Wu