Outstanding Language Students Receive Honors

Students and faculty gathered in Katharine Brush Library on Tuesday, May 3, for the annual Katherine Ballard Modern and Classical Language Honors Tea to recognize students who have excelled in their studies of language.

Michael Anderson, Latin teacher and department head, welcomed students, faculty, and others in attendance and reminded students that “we invited you here because of your true commitment to excellence in your study of languages and culture. We are delighted to celebrate with you, in person, here today for the first time in a long time.” 

Arabic and French teacher Ludmila Zamah, in her opening remarks, told the students that “choosing to learn a language and investing energy in it honors the people who speak it and helps you make meaningful connections.”

Prior to the presentation of the certificates, five students representing each language taught at Loomis, presented a song, anecdote, poem, or reflection. Junior Inari-Jade Barrett, representing Arabic, presented a rendition of a song in Arabic by the Egyptian singer Dalida. Representing her fellow students of Chinese, sophomore Lauren Sonnenfeld read a poem by Meng Haoran. Junior Ignacio Feged represented the French-language learners with a reflection on how studying French increased his enjoyment of watching soccer, aka football. Senior John Riley told an amusing story and read from Cicero of the Roman Marcus Aurelius. And junior Louis Hernández shared an appreciation for his teacher, Lilian Hutchinson, and her authentic approach to teaching Spanish.

All of the honored students were recognized individually by their language teachers.


Yazmeen Abdel-Hamid
Inari Barrett
Umu Diallo
Fay El-Jeaan
Sydney Hallowell
Zachary Henderson
Kristina Huang
Gavin LeTourneau
Grace Rodner
Evelyn Tang
Daisy Xu

Andrew Addo
Pynn Harinsuit
Salvador Katz
Emily Khym
Rachael Lantner
Jesse Li
Michael Li
Tom Nguyen
Egao Ozawa
Andrew Park
Chloe Pendergrass
Laura Phyu
Rene Russell
John Sihn
Lauren Sonnenfeld
Christine Wu
Eric Zhou

Lexi Barry
Laura Brawley
Madison Bromberg
Serena Chang
Ryan Che
Chris Chun
Natalie Crocker
Anh Dao
Maeve Dowd
Ignacio Feged
Sara Feged
Bella Flowers
Katie Fullerton
Katrina Golubchik
Mariapaula Gonzalez
Amy He
Adrienne Hodson
Michael Hoffman
Karishma Lawrence
Sofia Mansilla
Nandini Ramanathan
Iris Sande
Andrew Seo
Jane Smagulova
Annie Sun
Lillie Szemraj
Sophia Testa
Isabella Wang
Pilar Wingle
Ella Xue

Brooke Barry
Toby Chen
Neal Gary
Charlie Griffin
Ethan Guo
Davis Hanson
Nicholas Ji
Nellie Kenney
Oscar Kong
Lucas Levine
Michelle Liu
Anthony Luo
John Riley
Anya Scott
Emily Tang
Jason Zhang

Angela Adu-Boateng
Anika Ahilan
Zoe Alford
Kayla Anderson
Dylan Balise
Sylvia Barresi
Maya Bell
Adrianna Bevis
Robert Bushley
Ilkay Can
Xiaohu Cao
Monica Choi
Abby Congdon
Cara Dai
Isabella Delach
Cally Dixon
Nana Achiaa Donkor
Maren Forrest
Ryan Fortani
Emma Gregorski
Moslima H.
Louis Hernández
Bridget Hickey
Will Howley
Madison Hua
Lexie Mae Hydrick
Maxwell Jiao
John LaFleur
Giancarlo Lamenzo
Saul Lawrence
Ethan Lee
Kenneth Lee
Winston Lee
Nicole Levine
Coleman Long
Preston McNulty Socha
Charlotte Millman
Sandro Mocciolo
Chelsea Ndzana-Zogo
Eliza Nelson
Ke'iara Odume
Lauren Patterson
Corey Plummer
Sofia Preuss
Jill Rinaldi
Cameron Rogers
Zoe Santilli
Annie Shactman
Katie Sigrist
Hannah Smith
Amy Song
Jay Srivastava
Elise Struthers
Adiv Sugoto
Easton Swift
Sam Tishler
Sarah Wagner
Jaelyn Walsh
Iris Wen
Kayla Zeng
Jamie Zou