Pelican Day Addresses Well-Being & College Readiness

Freshmen and sophomores took part in wellness and mindfulness workshops in small groups led by faculty and staff on campus on Saturday, May 11, the final Pelican Day for the 2018–19 school year.

Organized by the Dean of Students Office, the workshops aimed to introduce students to activities they could pursue to alleviate stress and promote personal well-being. Each student chose two workshops in which to participate during the morning sessions.

Workshop offerings included:

Symbolic and meditative Tibetan Buddhist sand mandala art. Participants watched a short film and created a small sand painting as a group.

Decorative wooden spoon carving using traditional hand tools.

Creation of an artistic collage representing participants' ideas about personal well-being.

Exploration of humans' relationship to nature through the wisdom of a variety of faiths. The workshop included a nature stroll, a discussion of world religions, outdoor yoga, and calligraphy.

Genealogy and family history searches. Students learned about the wealth of information available online for them to discover their own family stories.

Mindful running. Students learned how distance running helps to regulate breathing to control stress, encourages reflection, is meditative, and contributes to personal well-being.

Capture the Flag on Pratt Field.

"The Secrets of Life," an exploration of the latest studies on health, longevity, and well-being as well as current brain research that reveals what it takes to live a long, healthy, happy, life.

An introduction to the classic tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons.

Creation of a life-sized human puppet from brown paper.

An introduction to the basics of budgeting, saving, and making informed decisions for personal financial well-being.

Board games as an engaging and fun way to hang out with friends.

Artistic creation in the Richmond Art Center. Some students learned techniques for cutting, designing, and "slumping" glass in the glass studio, and others designed and created personalized sketchbooks from re-purposed paper.

A Red Scarf knitting project making red scarves for the Foster Care Success Program for Valentine's Day. This project will continue into the new school year.

An introduction to jazz music in America for better understanding and appreciation of the art form.

Make-your-own botanical flavored lip balm.

Guided meditation, including breathing, listening, grounding oneself, and releasing tension.

Lessons in tea, including tastings of several varieties of high-quality tea and discussion of the history, production, brewing, and the holistic values of tea.

While freshmen and sophomores engaged in the workshops, seniors attended breakout information sessions with the theme "Goodbye Loomis, Hello College: Senior Transitions." Faculty members and several recent alumni led sessions on academics, campus activities, and social interactions at college an offered advice on managing personal finances and making the most of alumni affiliations and the college career center. Alumni participants included Justine Baird '17, Brener DeSouza '18, Sarah Olender '18, and Olivia Thompson '18.

After the sessions, the seniors reconvened in Founders Chapel to listen to keynote speaker Roberta Rogers, director of student success at Trinity College.

Juniors, in a particularly busy stretch of their high school academic careers, were given the morning to devote to their studies.

View a gallery of photos from the Pelican Day well-being workshops.