Pelicans Earn Honors at Boston Model UN 2021

not pictured freshman Emily Tang

Twenty students represented Loomis Chaffee at the annual Boston Invitational Model United Nations conference, hosted by Boston University and held virtually February 5–7. 

Pelican delegates who took home honors for their committee work include:

Senior Nicole Ramenda – Best Delegate

Electronic Frontier Foundation


Topic 1: Digital Privacy and the Internet of Things

Topic 2: Free Speech and Censorship on the Cloud


Senior Clara Chen – Best Delegate  

Airbnb Board of Directors

Krishna Rao, Global Head of Corporate Development

Topic 1: COVID-19 and the Future of Airbnb

Topic 2: Regulation and Airbnb


Senior Harry Knight — Outstanding Delegate

Association of Southeast Asian Nations


Topic 1: Establishment of a Monetary Union

Topic 2: Mitigating Pollution in Southeast Asia


Junior Ryan Fortani — Outstanding Delegate

Press Corps

Mother Jones Magazine

Topic: Ethics of Controversial Issues


Sophomore Ignacio Feged — Best Position Paper

Disarmament & International Security Committee


Topic 1: The Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Topic 2: Instability and DDR in the Sahel


Junior Meghan Hall – Best Position Paper

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)


Topic 1: Negotiating a Long-Term Ceasefire in Donbass

Topic 2: Strategizing Against Hybrid Warfare


Sophomore Michelle Liu — Verbal Commendation

Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Committee


Topic 1: Protecting Women in Migration from Human Trafficking

Topic 2: Political Representation


Junior Julia Lantner: Greece – Verbal Commendation

Junior Pilar Wingle: Spain — Verbal Commendation 

U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Topic 1: Forced Displacement Due to Climate Change

Topic 2: Refugee Access to Education


Senior Brett Donshik – Verbal Commendation

British Monarchy 2025

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby


Senior Aidan Gillies – Verbal Commendation

Joint Crisis Committee/with Rome — Battle for the Ancient World

Egypt: Horemheb

The very next week, six Loomis Model UN students earned awards at the North American Invitational Model United Nations Conference, staffed and organized by Georgetown University through the Georgetown International Relations Association. Held annually for around 3,000 students in 40 committees, ranging in size from as small as 20 to the larger ones of more than 120 students per committee. 

Pelican delegates who took home honors for their committee work include:

Junior Pilar Wingle - Verbal Commendation

When the Clocks Were Striking Thirteen: 1984
Napier, Inner Party, Ministry of Plenty, Ration Officer
Topic A: Totalitarian Governments and Civil Liberties
Topic B: Collective Action and Public Organization

Senior Clara Chen - Book Award

Spirits in Full Swing: Campaign for the 21st Amendment, 1932
Edward “Duke” Ellington, Famed Jazz Musician and Community Leader
Topic A: Formation of National Campaigns
Topic B: Crime and Law Enforcement
Topic C: Election of 1932

Sophomore Michelle Liu - Honorable Delegate

UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees)
Topic: Internal Displacement, Climate Change, and Ethnic Tensions 

Junior Ryan Fortani - Honorable Delegate

Here Comes the Sun: The Court of Louis XIV, 1665
Henri de Ruvigny, Envoy to England
Topic A: Developing Domestic Institutions
Topic B: Foreign Expansion

Senior Victoria Che - Outstanding Delegate

Santé, Austerité, et Solidarité: French Ministry of Health, 2013
Gilles Sicart, Directorate of Legal Affairs (DAJ)
Topic A: Population Health
Topic B: Health Service Delivery in Austerity
Topic C: Emerging Health Technologies

Senior Aidan Gillies - Best Delegate

Politburo of the Soviet Union, 1948
Alexei Kosygin, Minister of Finance
Topic A: Expanding and Securing Soviet Influence
Topic B: Advancing Communism on the Korean Peninsula