Stage II Presents "Brainstorm"

Photo Credit: Emily Tang

The collaborative work of a small troupe of Loomis Chaffee students culminated on Friday, January 28, with their performance of Brainstorm, a play about the inner workings of the teenage brain. 

The well-attended show, presented in Founders Chapel, was a production of Stage II, an initiative of Loomis Chaffee’s Theater & Dance Department.  

The all-student cast and crew were instrumental in writing and producing the play. The script was based on a template created by neuroscientists who researched how the teenage brain works. The actors and crew used the template to write a unique script expressing the fears, hopes, and dreams felt by teenagers.  

“It all comes together to create a play about the teenage brain, what defines a teenager, and how we grow up,” stage manager and assistant director, senior Jasper Gitlitz said. 

The cast comprised sophomores Brigham Cooper, Mercuri Lam, and Jessica Luo and seniors Isabella Jiang, Bill Ngo, Grace Thompson, and Kevin Zhai. Sophomore Sophia Li served as the show’s writer, and the production was directed by English teacher Miles Morgan. 

The play was produced on the chapel’s stage with minimal props, allowing the audience to focus on the actors’ stories.  

“The students impressed me every day,” Miles said.  

“Our show relied on the cast’s creativity as writers and performers, but it also was built on trust and vulnerability,” he said. “I appreciate the amount of trust they put in me to shepherd this into its final form, but I really admire the amount of faith they had in themselves.” 

Stage II was formed in the winter of 2020 to give students the opportunity to perform in scaled-down productions with smaller casts in unconventional spaces around campus. The first production, 12AM in America, an interpretation of the play 12 Angry Men, was staged in February 2020 with five actors in the Lyons Den on the third floor of the Scanlan Campus Center.