Stock Market Game Promotes Financial Literacy

Ding, ding, ding! Economics teachers Mat DeNunzio and Liz Leyden kicked off this year’s Stock Market Game at an event in the Scanlan Campus Center on Thursday, January 9, to promote financial literacy in the school community. At the kick-off during community time, student participants set up virtual portfolios using Market Watch, an online stock market game, and were given $1 million as a (virtual) initial investment with which to purchase and trade stocks during the game’s month-long run. The closing bell will sound on February 6, and the players who achieve the greatest return on their initial investments will be eligible for prizes. The game is open to all students, and there is no cutoff for signing up, but the earlier a player starts investing, the better chance of growing the portfolio. Contest information and a link to sign up at the Market Watch site can be found in the Daily Bulletin.