Student Excellence & Teacher of the Year Celebrated

Phyllis Grinspan, 2020 Teacher of the Year 

Loomis Chaffee recognized students for their academic and extracurricular achievements and their contributions to the school and greater community on Friday, May 22, in a Celebration of Excellence that also featured the announcement of the Student Council’s Teacher of the Year selection, English teacher Phyllis Grinspan.

Associate Director of Studies Bob DeConinck announced the awards and recipients via video on Friday morning. The video presentation replaced the traditional awards assembly this year because the campus is closed this spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phyllis, who has been on the Loomis Chaffee faculty for more than 20 years, was nominated for Teacher of the Year by senior Emma Goldfarb. 

In her submission essay to the Student Council, Emma wrote that Phyllis deserves this year's  award for the long-term positive impact she's had on the school and the English Department.

"Ms. Grinspan [shows us] how powerful we can be as writers by NOT being formulaic," Emma wrote.     

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