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Fall Play Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night' Thoroughly Entertains
Connect to a gallery of photos from Twelfth Night.This year's fall play, Shakespeare's Twelfth Night or What You Will, a comic tale of love triangles, mistaken identities, disguises, and deceits entertained audiences throughout its five-performance run in the Norris Ely Orchard Theater October 31 through November 3.

Set in ancient Illyria on the Balkan Peninsula, the production transformed the NEO stage to look like Miami in the Art Deco era of the 1930s and completed the glamorous motif with costumes, props, and music from the era. Shakespeare's witty and fast-paced dialogue and stage action filled with slapstick and sight gags made for numerous laugh-out-loud moments enjoyed by audiences and players alike.

Nearly two dozen Loomis actors from all class years took the stage in the ensemble production, and the majority of the actors alternated between playing named and ensemble roles for the performances. The 18 members of the student tech crew also hailed from all class years.

Directed by theater teacher David McCamish, with assistance from English teacher and Shakespeare scholar Will Eggers, and produced by theater teacher Candice Chirgotis, the NEO production of Twelfth Night represents the inherent versatility of Shakespeare's work and the creativity of the students, faculty, and professional assistants of Loomis' Theater & Dance Department.

View a copy of the show's program for description of the characters, a note from the director, and a complete list of cast members and student technicians.