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Pelicans of the Week

Congratulations to these student athletes for being named Pelicans of the Week by their coaches. The honor is given to students who stand out on the playing field as well as those who act as excellent teammates.

Boys Varsity Water Polo

Junior Kai Sheng Tham and senior Luka Martinovic

After needing to be out of the water for nearly three weeks, Kai Sheng has returned to action and is working himself into very good form. A crafty defender and dangerous offensive threat, Kai Sheng tallied two goals in the team’s win over Hotchkiss on Wednesday and netted three goals in a very important victory over Suffield on Saturday. Kai’s diligent and thoughtful work on all aspects of his play, along with his enthusiasm for helping teammates develop their skills and understanding, is vital to the team’s growth and success. Luka joined the team three weeks into the season as a first-year player and has quickly progressed to a position in the starting unit. Luka’s athleticism, eagerness to learn, and focused work on fundamentals has enabled him to develop into a capable defender in front of the goal. His attitude, work ethic, and good humor are assets that positively impact the team every day. We salute these two Pelicans and look forward to their continued strong play as we take aim on the final weeks of our fall season.

Boys Cross Country

Freshman Sandro Mocciolo, sophomores Michael Zhou and Andrew Park, and juniors Janus Yuen and Aidan Gillies 

Even before he set foot on campus in September, Sandro had made his commitment to LCXC, putting in the requisite summer mileage to garner invitation to preseason. From day one, Sandro has been keenly focused and has made the most of every workout and every race, maximizing their benefits for himself and for his Pelican teammates. 

Returning to campus for preseason in peak shape, Michael made an impressive LCXC debut, finishing sixth in the novice division of the season-opening Choate Invitational with a time that placed him among the top dozen Pelicans overall. This past Saturday, in typical team-oriented style, Michael took on the role of leader for a pack of teammates seeking to set some personal goals of their own, pacing them steadily and successfully over the physically and mentally challenging Trinity-Pawling course hills.  

The Energizer bunny has nothing on Andrew: This young man is in perpetual and perpetually positive motion, body and mind, squandering not a minute of a day. Whether he is reviewing some video to check his form, tweaking his Dellinger circuit execution, adjusting his practice day pace laps to match his goal race-pace, or sharing with teammates the various medical theories regarding vertigo, Andrew always shares, too, his contagiously bright smile and good cheer.  

A distance runner with the track team in his freshman and sophomore years, Aidan this fall brings his energies to LCXC as well. While many might choose one major extracurricular over another, Aidan determined this fall to pursue two loves: debating (congratulations on your invitation to April’s World Debate Championships in Shanghai, Aidan!) and distance running. As our season comes to a peak, Aidan is running faster by almost 10 seconds per mile per week, and we look forward to his championships performances as both runner and debater!

As an LCXC veteran, Janus had specific goals in mind for himself and his team, and he began checking those off as soon as he logged the summer mileage requisite for an invitation to preseason. On this year’s team of almost 60 runners, he has consistently finished among the top 20, always lending his sterling sense of pace and his encouragement to teammates. Last week, Janus checked off another goal, as he broke the 20:00 barrier for the first time, his 19:59.5 earning him varsity-letter status.   

Boys JV Water Polo

Sophomore Ryan Flynn

This week, the JV polo Pelicans applaud the work of Ryan for his dramatic progress since last fall. Following the summer vacation, Ryan came back to school determined to make his mark on the program. His strong shooting arm, solid swimming skill, and overall intuition about how to respond to challenging situations have helped Ryan rise to a leadership position within the team. On Saturday, he contributed two important goals to the team’s victory over Suffield Academy, and we know we will see more of those in upcoming matches. Perhaps most importantly, Ryan asks questions and solicits feedback from coaches and players that he incorporates into his play, making him a genuine student of the sport. We thank Ryan, and we deeply appreciate his good work this fall!

Girls JV Volleyball

Junior Kendall Rice and freshman Turner Brode 

Asked to take on the role of setter in preseason, Turner has worked hard at setting and consistently delivers great balls to the hitters. This last week she was also asked to play as a front row hitter and delivered several kills in each of the last two matches. Kendall is a strong all-around player and captain who has filled numerous roles on the team. She’s stepped up to play libero, hitter, and most recently setter so that we could take advantage of Turner’s hitting. Last week Kendall was key to the team’s getting off to a quick start in a 3-0 win over Ethel Walker by serving 12 consecutive service winners in the first set. Both Turner and Kendall model great sportsmanship and a commitment to helping teammates reach their potential. 

Girls III Soccer

Freshman Katherine Stevenson, sophomores Amanda Quan and Lana Sheng

While Amanda has been one of our most reliable players so far this season, her performance in our game against Miss Porter’s was particularly remarkable. Whether on the left or right wing, Amanda showed adaptability and initiative in dropping back or pushing forward whenever needed. She intercepted so many passes and won way too many 50-50 balls. In practices, Amanda works hard, always giving her all in every drill. Keep up the awesome work, Amanda!

Lana has been a regular on our starting defensive line this season. Fast and relentless, Lana is always at the right spot at the right time clearing balls from our box. She does not give up on any ball. She also does a great job of quickly passing the ball to the midfielders whenever she wins possession.

Throughout the season Kate has been a constant force to be reckoned with on our forward line. A skilled and fast player, Kate played very well in our game against Miss Porter’s. She was constantly on the attack, carrying the ball along the sidelines and crossing it into our opponent’s box. She also did a nice job running into any open space and using the midfielders for support. She created multiple goal-scoring opportunities for the team. Great job, Kate!