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2018 Math Department Awards w/Aparna Anderson Guest Speaker

The Math Department recognized student achievement in the study of mathematics for 85 students at its annual Math Honors event on Friday, May 18.

Welcomed by Department Head Joe Cleary and Assistant Department Head Adnan Rubai, the honored students and math faculty gathered in Gilchrist Auditorium for a morning reception and awards presentation.

Joe and Adnan presented the Barry M. Moran Excellence in Mathematics Certificates, named in honor of the retired longtime faculty member, to individual students for excellence in the study of calculus, pre-calculus, linear algebra, computer science, statistics, and discrete mathematics. Awards also were presented to six students who earned high marks on American Mathematics Competition exams.

Aparna Anderson, vice president and chief operating officer at Statistics Collaborative Inc., which supports the biomedical research field with statistical analyses, was invited to speak at the ceremony.

Aparna shared some of her many experiences working as a clinical trialist across a range of therapeutic areas and in a number of roles at Bristol Meyers Squibb as a bio-statistician. She also was a professor of bio-statistics as the University of Minnesota.

Aparna shared the inspirational story of Sir Richard Doll, the British epidemiologist who co-authored statistical research that definitively linked smoking to lung cancer in the 1950s and whom Aparna met when she was a student. She explained how statistics are used in clinical trials to provide compelling data. She also described the use of math in medical research, from the beginning trials through the approval process, to change behavior and improve human health and lifestyles.

Aparna earned her bachelor's degree in applied mathematics from University of California-Davis, and a master's degree and doctorate in bio-statistics from the University of Washington. She studied as a Fulbright Scholar at The University of Göttingen in Germany. Aparna's husband, Michael Anderson, teaches Latin at Loomis, and their two children are Loomis seniors.

Students honored at the event included:

Anderson, Anil

Anderson, Mira

Baker, Eli

Bian, Emily

Caulfield, Avery

Cecere, Daniel

Chan, Chun Hei

Chen, Xiangxiang

Choi, Joon Hyeok

Chung, Ashley

Clarke, Azoya

Collins, Claire

Corsetti, Madelyn

Costello, Jack

Cui, Jianzhou

Dai, Nicole

Daniel, William

Deitelbaum, Julia

Demkina, Margarita

Dias, Emily Isabel

Donshik, Andrew

Donshik, Brett

Dos Santos, Chelsea

Elbualy, Jet

Fanning, Charlotte

Feifer, Samuel

Gao, Louisa

Gao, Minna

Ge, Kyle

Giannamore, Lucia

Gildor, Nina

Goldfarb, Samuel

Hall, Grayson

Harris, Jake

Hoffman, Madeleine

Hu, Yanxiang

Hutchinson, Carter

Jang, Woo Heuk

Jeffreys, Macon

Kato, Kenta

Kim, Jeri

Kim, Rex

Kim, Sumin

Kurzlechner, Leonie

Laakso, Otto

Laidlaw, Benedict

Lam, Yeuk Yin

Lee, Jason

Lee, Kelsey

Leo, Anthony

Li, Jonathan

Mai, Thu

Mayo, Sylvia

McPherson, Makayla

Minch, Zachary

Natcharian, Ryan

Offiaeli, Chelsea

Oñate, Aaron

Pannu, Aarman

Paolella, Michael

Park, Jin Seo

Park, Yujin

Park, Yujung

Pourkavoos, Aresh

Pugliese, Tara

Quinn, Lucas

Reddy, Kohl

Rismay, Jaden

Rubeck, Julia

Sanderson, Joseph

Schreibstein, Andrew

Shao, Yangxiaoxiao

Smida, Lauren

Struthers, Eleanor

Sze, Hiu Man

Tomasetti, Olivia

Wang, James

Wang, Marco

Wang, Robert

Williams, Quincy

Wolf, Grace

Zajac, Jordan

Zhang, Yuyang

Zhou, Yiwen

Zhou, Yu