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Science Department Honors Students at Annual Baxter Awards Ceremony

The Science Department on Monday honored 137 students with Baxter Awards for the energy, curiosity, and dedication that they bring to their science classes every day.

The celebration takes place every year under the pergola outside of the Clark Center for Science & Mathematics. Refreshments were served, and the students enjoyed a beautiful morning in an even more beautiful spot on campus.

The awards are named in honor of retired Loomis faculty member Alice Baxter, who was a dedicated and passionate teacher of chemistry, the history of science, and astronomy. She also served as the Dean of Faculty for almost 20 years.

The science teachers nominate two or three students in each of their classes who have shown enthusiasm for and engagement in their study of science.

Each selected student received a certificate from the Science Department as well as a key chain built from the Pearse Hub For Innovation's new laser cutter.

The Science Department also recognized individuals who received awards and recognition in science outside of the classroom.

Sophomore Julia Hoffman was awarded the Connecticut Valley of the American Chemical Society Anna J. Harrison Award for her participation in the Chemistry Olympiad in March. The award, given to the top-scoring female student in the state, honors professor Anna J. Harrison, who was the science advisor to President Eisenhower, was the first female president of the American Chemical Society, and was a longtime faculty member of the Chemistry Department at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.

Three students who participated in the 2018 Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair also were recognized. Junior Julianna Lee's project, titled "Combating Food insecurity with Bean Urban Agriculture," earned five awards and prizes, including honors from Pfizer Life Sciences and Eversource's Future Sustainability program. Freshman Aresh Pourkavoos's project, "The Consonance of Alternative Tuning Systems," also earned five awards and prizes, including first place in the Leask/Francoeur Family Awards for innovation in electrical engineering or computer sciences. Sophomore Jason Lee's project, "A Study on the Alternative Space Filling Curve," earned two awards, including one from Lockheed Martin.

The team of senior Max Mossberg and freshman Peyton Sandridge won a 3D printing competition at UConn earlier this year. After a 3D printing and modeling workshop in the morning, participants were tasked with designing a structurally sound bridge. Following a brainstorming and designing period, each team sent their bridges to be printed on UConn's 3D printers. Each bridge was then crushed in a hydraulic press to test strength. For placing first as a team, Max and Peyton earned a certificate and a custom 3D printed chess set.

Lastly, the Loomis Chaffee Robotics Team represented the Science Department well when they won the Connecticut state championship and the Vermont state championship this year, proving their dedication to science outside of the classroom.

The science department would like to congratulate all the students who were recognized and thank them for their hard work and curiosity in the classroom.

Below is a list of all the Baxter Award recipients.

Anil Anderson

Jette Elbualy

Ben Laidlaw

Kassie Rivera

Mira Anderson

Xavier Figueroa

Roy Lam

Sophie Rodner

Sydney Anderson

Harper Follansbee

Lia LaPrise

Julia Rubeck

Rishi Basu

Kyle Ge

Claire Lavalley

Isabel Ruppel

Kyle Becker

Lucia Giannamore

Jason Lee

Laura Salem

Emily Bian

Aidan Gillies

Julianna Lee

Joe Sanderson

Charlie Bosnyak

Adam Guillemette

Milton Lee

Zeno Schwebel

Andrew Bradway

Suman Guntupalli

Ethan Levinbook

Jasper Shi

Maria Fernanda Cassol

Cole Hadarik

Erin Levine

Gunnar Simons

Avery Caulfield

Amara Haider

Tiara Lewis-Falloon

Riley Smith

Victoria Che

Meghan Hasenbalg

Kimberly Ma

Sage Sutton-Hall

Alice Chen

Molly Henderson

Ian Mann

Kalina Szemraj

Jocelyn Chen

Ryan Heskin

Mike Matteo

Kai Sheng Tham

Louis Chen

Lauren Hinton

Talia Mayo

Maxwell Therrien

Jia Yu Cheung

Julia Hoffman

Allie McEntee

Julia Thompson

Alex Choi

Jimmy Hu

Makayla McPherson

Emma Tishler

Elijah Choos

Carter Hutchinson

Zach Minch

Olivia Tomassetti

Ashley Chung

Portia Inzone

Simone Moales

Kimmy Tufton

Steele Citrone

Brady Jalili

Cameron Morosky

Sincere Tuitt

Claire Collins

Chris Jang

Max Mossberg

Alexa Valadez

Madelyn Corsetti

Macon Jeffreys

Ryan Natcharian

Mark Valadez

Manou Crawford

Loren Jones

Andy Nguyen

Ivan Varenytsia

Danny Cui

Ryan Jones

Sadie Olcott

Alejandra Velasquez

Will Daniel

Emma Kane

Mahek Pannu

Angela Wang

Viet-Anh Dao

Daniella Kapur

Michael Paolella

James Wang

Alex Darrah

Kenta Kato

David Park

Marco Wang

Margarita Demkina

Josh Katz

Rosie Park

Grace Wolf

Jalen Desravines

Navreet Kaur

Burke Perrotta

Kelly Xue

Emily Dias

Elinor Keehn

Lily Potter

Aaron Yang

August Donovan

Hee Won Kim

Aresh Pourkavoos

Julia Zabinska

Andrew Donshik

Sumin Kim

Tara Pugliese

Jordan Zajac

Brett Donshik

Heisen Kong

Kendall Rice

Andrew Zhang

Sydney Dovi

Leonie Kurzlechner

Freya Rich

Yuyang Zhang

Ryan Durkin

Otto Laakso

Jaden Rismay

Skye Zhou

Olivia Zoga