Planning for 2020-21

Plan for Spring Term 2 (April 16–May 20)

The health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff will continue to guide the school's planning. If conditions dictate that the school change its plans for the coming term, students, parents, faculty, and staff will be notified by email.


FAQs: Spring Term 2

1. Will the school hold in-person classes during Spring Term 2?
Yes. All students — boarding and day — are welcome to campus for in-person classes during Spring Term 2.

2. Will the school offer online classes during Spring Term 2?
Yes. Students who cannot return to school due to travel restrictions and/or health concerns may choose to continue their studies online.

4. What are the dates for Spring Term 2?
Spring Term 2 will begin on Friday, April 16, and will end on Thursday, May 20. Please refer to the updated calendar for the dates of Spring Term 1 and 2.

5. Will there be COVID-19 testing and/or other requirements for students prior to arrival on campus for Spring Term 2?
Students who were online for Spring Term 1 and plan to study in person for Spring Term 2 must present a negative PCR test before returning to campus. Details about pre-arrival testing were emailed to those parents and students on April 5. Read more.

Additionally, students coming to campus for Spring Term 2 after studying online in Spring Term 1 must commit to best practices pertaining to COVID-19 prevention starting on April 2 (boarding students) or April 2 (day students). This means remaining at home unless absolutely necessary (such as a visit to a medical professional); monitoring their health via the REACH app and letting the Health Center know if they have any symptoms consistent with COVID-19; wearing a mask around those outside the family unit if that interaction is unavoidable; not participating in group gatherings, including sport practices or games; washing hands regularly; and practicing social distancing.

6. What will on-campus safety protocols look like in Spring Term 2?
All students, faculty, and staff will follow safety protocols similar to those that were in place during Spring Term 1. These include wearing masks, social distancing, and frequent hand washing. More details are available in the Spring Term 1 and 2 agreement students and parents signed prior to the start of the term.

7. Will boarding students be allowed to leave campus during Spring Term 2?
As in Spring Term 1, boarding students will not be allowed to leave campus during Spring Term 2. The school will reassess these protocols as the term progresses and make any modifications as conditions allow.

8. How will I know if there have been any changes to my class schedule?
Any changes to a student's Spring Term 2 schedule were made before the end of Spring Term 1. Teachers will contact students before classes start regarding synchronous and asynchronous schedules.

(updated April 15, 2021)




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