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Teaching Faculty

Full-time teaching faculty members assume responsibilities primarily in three areas: teaching, coaching, and dormitory supervision.

They also serve as advisors and support a variety of extracurricular activities.

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A full-time load is four classes. New teachers are given a reduced load and work closely as a cohort and individually with a master teacher who, along with the department head and the dean of faculty, provides professional guidance and support.


Many faculty members coach in the after-school athletics program in the fall, winter, and spring seasons.

Boarding Duties

Many faculty live in dormitory apartments or campus houses and help to supervise the boarding students on weeknights and weekends. Each dorm is staffed with residential faculty members as well as additional affiliates, who do weeknight duties and help chaperone weekend activities.


Each faculty member is an advisor to four to six students, serving as the communications link between the student, teachers, and family. Advisors meet regularly with advisees to discuss their academic progress, extracurricular activities, and any other concerns that arise during the year.

Extracurricular Duties

Faculty members sometimes take on responsibility for advising clubs, school publications, community service activities, and other programs that enhance the educational experience of the students.

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Henry R. Kravis ’63 Center for Excellence in Teaching

The Henry R. Kravis ’63 Center for Excellence in Teaching guides and nurtures our faculty in their ongoing pursuit of excellence. Through the center, teachers delve deeply into the latest findings on mind-brain education science, refine their curricula with an eye to equity and inclusion, and finetune their grading practices in response to the evolving needs of students.

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