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Summer Acceleration in Mathematics


Summer math acceleration is permitted for the study of:

  • Geometry
  • CL Calculus — Topic A
  • CL Calculus — Topic C

NOTE: Students CANNOT receive credit for a full year course (other than Geometry) in the summer.

Methods of Study

Method #1: Loomis Chaffee’s Accelerated Studies in Mathematics summer program — recommended method by the LC Math Department

Method #2: Independent Study — may include enrollment in a non-Loomis Chaffee summer course

Note: Regardless of the method, ALL students are required to demonstrate proficiency on an exam administered by the LC Math Department upon completion of their studies. Students who complete the acceleration process are not guaranteed success on the proficiency test. That is, approval for acceleration and completion of the work does not guarantee credit for or advancement through the desired course. Earned credit or advancement is ultimately determined based on the proficiency exam.


For students to pursue acceleration, they must complete the following process.