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Global & Environmental Studies Curricular and Extracurricular Offerings

Global & Environmental Studies courses and extracurricular offerings at Loomis are built upon a recognition that our world is interconnected in a multitude of ways. In order to prepare our students to be leaders and agents of positive change in this global civilization, Loomis offers a course of academic study, extracurricular activities, and experiential learning that promotes global and environmental literacy, sustainability, and engagement.

All departments at Loomis offer designated Global & Environmental Studies Courses (GESC), bringing the skills and content of each discipline to bear in promoting such literacy, sustainability, and engagement. In fact, more than a third of all courses offered at Loomis fall under this umbrella.

Examples of these courses include Modern South Asia and The History of Modern Brazil in the History and Social Sciences department, From Monkey King to the Tea House and Roman Satire in the Modern and Classical Languages department, Race, Roles, and Religion, and Voices of Dissent in the English department, Advanced Statistics, Global Issues and Human Populations and Impact in our Math and Science departments, and Masks in Culture and History and World Percussion in our Arts departments. We also offer interdisciplinary courses such as Topics in Environmental Law and Global Literature and the History of Sport in Society.

In the area of extracurricular offerings, we have more than a dozen student clubs with an international, multicultural, or environmental focus. These include Model United Nations, People Rising in Support of Multiculturalism (PRISM), a campus chapter of Girls Learn International, a Human Rights Club, the World Dance Collective, Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental club offerings, and various Language and related culture clubs.

These courses and clubs are open to all students. If you have a particularly strong interest in Global & Environmental Studies, you may choose to pursue Loomis’ Global & Environmental Studies Certificate, a program that combines academic, extracurricular, and experiential studies.

We may refer to our school as ‘the Island’, but opportunities to learn about the world and how to play an active role in it abound at Loomis.