Environmental Sustainability


Solar Array Dedication — October 2019


Guided Environmental Research Project —
Meat vs. Plant-based food taste test 


Guided Environmental Research Project —
Incentivizing Reusable Coffee Cups 

From Alarm to Action

Members of the Loomis Chaffee Climate Action group and environmental proctors (e-proctors) led an online workshop for school community members who are alarmed about the climate crisis but are unsure of what action to take on October 19. 


Concerned Pelican environmental sustainability leaders began an awareness-raising campaign this week addressing Earth-friendly behaviors on the Island. Loomis Chaffee will celebrate HALFy bEARTHday October 18–23. 

Disease-Resistant Elms Planted for Ecosystem Study

Scientists from the Nature Conservancy and Loomis students and faculty planted disease-resistant American elm trees on campus as part of a project related to preserving the ecosystems of the Connecticut River floodplain.

Our Four Pillars of Sustainability


The Solar Energy Field on campus

Jason Liu '17 worked with faculty members Alec McCandless and Jeff Dyreson to research the possibilty of a solar array on campus. The Solar Energy Field (SEF), is due to open in May 2019, will ultimately produce 1 MW, which represents 25 percent of the school's overall electric needs. 


Agricultural Proctors, known as AgProctors, welcome new students with the harvest of the summer during Opening days. 


Science teacher Jeff Dyreson's Environmental Science class works in the outdoor classroom where they are studying and reestablishing the wetland near the forthcoming Solar Energy Field. 


Guided Environmental Research Projects allow students to pursue a particular environmental topic for further study. Here, a student, who is looking at ways to improve recycling on campus, sorts recyclables.