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Global & Environmental Studies Certificate (GESC)

A Loomis student whose passion and interest lie in acquiring and exploring a greater understanding of the world may pursue a course of study which culminates in the awarding of the Global & Environmental Studies Certificate. The GESC recognizes academic, extracurricular, and experiential studies focused on fulfilling the mission of the school in educating “its students for service in the nation and in today’s global civilization.”


At least five courses (including World History) to be selected from the Global & Environmental Studies list of approved courses, taken from at least two different departments, in addition to language study through the fourth level (students pursuing two languages should speak with the Director of the Center regarding credit towards the certificate; 5th year language courses will receive a total of one course credit toward the GSC).

While no specific distinction has been made between Global and Environmental related courses, extracurricular offerings, experiential education, and the like, the student will discuss an exposure to a variety of content and experiences with the Directors, his/her advisor and Director of Studies, and should seek a firm grounding in both Global and Environmental studies, the two being necessarily intertwined.

  • Successful completion of the required core Global & Environmental Studies Seminar
  • Significant and Ongoing contribution to one of the school’s extracurricular groups having an international, multicultural, or environmental focus.*
  • A two-week or longer off-campus program (international or domestic). The Center’s International Education Programs are designed to be used to fulfill this requirement, though approved individual programs may also receive credit.
  • A culminating presentation, project, or paper must be shared with the Loomis community or a portion thereof. The nature and form of this project must be approved by the Center.

Students who wish to pursue the Global & Environmental Studies Certificate should identify themselves to their advisor and the Center as early in their Loomis career as possible, but no later than the winter term of junior year. The Center, along with a student’s advisor and the Director of Studies, will assist students in completing the GESC Plan, creating an academic plan, along with extracurricular activities, the student’s off-campus experience, and the presentation/project/paper requirement to facilitate earning the Certificate.

Extracurricular Groups with a Global and/or Environmental Focus

In 2014-15, these groups included AgProctors, Arab World Affiliation, Cambiando Vidas, Debate, eProctors, Girls Learn International, International Student Ambassadors, various Language Clubs, MicroMappers, Model UN, PRISM, Project Green, World Bulletin, World Dance Workshop.


Loomis courses that have qualified towards earning the Global Studies Certificate:


English IV: Contemporary Literature

English IV: Race, Roles, and Religion

English IV: Voices of Dissent


French Civilization

Modern French Writers

French Cinema

Advanced Fifth Level French

Advanced Sixth Level French

Latin American Civilization

Latin American Short Story

Spanish Literature: Generación del '98 to Generación del '27

Advanced Fifth-level Spanish Literature

Advanced Placement Fifth Level Chinese

Modern China through Literature

From Money King to the Tea House

Virgil (this and the following Latin term courses count as additional GSC courses when taken after the AP)

Roman Comedy

Roman Satire

Historians at Rome




Advanced Placement European History

Global Human Rights

Revolution! A Comparative Study of Revolutionary Movements from Around the World

Arab Culture Today: Youth Uprising

Germany and the Holocaust

Japan: The Chrysanthemum and the Sword

Modern African History: The Roots of Today’s Africa

Russian History

The History of Modern Brazil

Economics – Macroeconomics (Prerequisite: 3061)

Economics – Applied Economics (Prerequisite: 3061)

Advanced Placement Economics

Globalization (Advanced Seminar)

Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics/AP Comparative Government and Politics

International Relations

World Wars in Global Context



Advanced Statistics: Global Issues


AP Environmental Science

Human Populations and Impact

Energy and Sustainability

Water: A Limited Resource

Sustainable Agriculture

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religious Studies:

Social and Religious Issues in Contemporary America

Prophetic Voice in Contemporary Social Protest

The Children of Abraham: Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed

An Introduction to Hinduism and Buddhism

Ancient Philosophy

Topics in Ethical Theory

Developmental Psychology

Visual Arts:

Cultural Encounters in the History of Art and Architecture

Renaissance and Baroque Art



Masks in Culture and History


World Percussion

World Music

Concert Choir

Chamber Singers


Desegregation and Democracy in South Africa

Oil in Water: Topics in Environmental Law

Global Literature and the History of Sport in Society


The Global Studies Certificate will be awarded at the time of Commencement and noted on a student’s transcript.

More Information

For more information on the Global Studies Certificate, get in touch with the the Alvord Center for Global & Environmental Studies.