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History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Social Science

Loomis’ History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Social Science Department brings together talented faculty to share, collaborate, and innovate in the instruction of our students as they explore different historic and contemporary societies, cultures, philosophies, political systems, religions, economies, and more. While studying in this department you will look within and without, gaining an appreciation of the past and present through multiple perspectives, developing a greater understanding of yourself and others, deepening your understanding of our interdependent and complex world, and growing toward a more meaningful and integrated experience of the world.

Through a wide range of courses, from U.S. History to Globalization, Economics to Developmental Psychology, Ancient Philosophy to Literature of the Bible, you will build a knowledge base; discover how to research through primary and secondary sources, classic texts, and contemporary inquiries; learn to construct a logical argument in both oral and written form; master the skills of comparison, criticism, interpretation, and synthesis; and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world.

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