Quantitative Resource Center

Part of what makes Loomis' Math Department special and successful is our Quantitative Resource Center (QRC). The QRC is a peer-tutoring center that allows math students at any level to ask questions and get help in their math classes. Our peer tutors are students with an affinity for mathematics who have taken advantage of the opportunity to become leaders. We recognize that peer instruction is a valuable educational tool for both students involved in the process. During any period of the day, there is either a math faculty member or high-level math student on duty. Sometimes there are both faculty and student tutors on duty. The QRC also is open on Tuesday and Thursday nights during study hall and holds additional night hours during exam periods.

The QRC is stocked with our current math textbooks and with computers that enable students to watch instructional videos, such as Khan Academy videos. The center has become a resource that our math students rely on and appreciate, whether they are struggling with a homework problem, studying for a test, or seeking reinforcement as they explore new material.