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Through a broad range of course offerings, the Science Department at Loomis challenges you to think more deeply about the world around you. Laboratory experiments, hands-on activities, and computer simulations empower you to live in and contribute to an increasingly technological society while gaining confidence in your own abilities.

While we encourage everyone to take the traditional core classes in biology, chemistry, and physics, we also offer many other enriching courses beyond those subjects. Advanced Biology courses are signature aspects of our curriculum, and departmental Guided Research Projects enable interested students to conduct highly focused scientific investigations in a college research-like setting. We also offer several extracurricular activities related to science, including our competitive LC Robotics Team, the Physics Olympiad, and the Science Quiz Bowl team.

Engineering for Zero Gravity

Spaceship engineer Donna Grossman worked on a number of important projects during her career, but the project that attracted her family’s keen interest was the Space Shuttle toilet, which was, in fact, a feat of zero-gravity engineering.

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New Faculty Welcomed to the Island

Loomis Chaffee welcomed 22 new faculty and administrators with a wealth of expertise and diverse experiences to the Island in August for the start of the 2019-20 school year.

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