Your Advisor

One of the primary reasons students choose Loomis is the opportunity to learn from and work with our outstanding faculty and coaches. At Loomis you will develop great relationships with faculty and find no shortage of mentors to help challenge, guide, and support you during your time on the Island. One of those mentors will be your advisor.

All Loomis students have a faculty advisor. Advisors have three main roles: to help you have a positive experience academically and socially; to oversee your academic program and progress in specific courses; and to communicate with your parents, working with them to serve your best interests.

You can expect to meet with your advisor on a regular basis. He or she will monitor your academic progress - celebrating your successes and helping you to address any challenges. In the latter case, your advisor will work with you to devise an appropriate action plan and connect you with additional resources if needed. Your advisor also will help acquaint you with activities and opportunities at the school and encourage you to get involved.

Advisors serve as liaisons between parents and the school. They write formal comments home three times during the year, and informally touch base with parents more often.

Put simply, your advisor will be a great source of support and a guide to all Loomis has to offer.