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Norton Family Center for the Common Good

Exploring and practicing "the best self and the common good."

The Norton Family Center for the Common Good encourages in students an expanded understanding of their roles as citizens in a diverse democracy and fosters an active, engaged approach to citizenship in our global society. Providing programs, resources and support in classroom and extra-curricular experiences, the Center inspires students to identify, create, and sustain ideas and actions on behalf of the common good in local-to-global contexts. The Center’s curricular and community activities support the school’s mission which exhorts Loomis students to serve “the best self and the common good.”

Throughout the year, 9th grade students participate in the Seminars in the Common Good, often co-facilitated by upperclassmen. School-wide Dialogues in the Common Good center on themes drawn from school, local, national, or world issues, personal narratives or position statements which illuminate the theme of “the common good.”

The Norton Center also actively supports and collaborates with Community Service, the Community Work Program, and the Alvord Center for Global & Environmental Studies.

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