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Chet Kempczyski

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Faculty member since 2000
B.A. Paier College of Art
M.A. Hartford Art School, University of Hartford

What drew you to Loomis?

After having a fire in my studio shortly before coming to Loomis, the timing was perfect when this opportunity arose. I was in awe of the facilities on the campus especially the Richmond Art Center. After attending openings and viewing the students' work over the years, I knew I wanted to be part of this energy and process and gladly accepted.

Why did you want to become an art teacher?

I wanted to become an art teacher to work with young minds. I like sharing ideas with young people — it's challenging and keeps me on my toes. To be able to watch students take a sketch and turn it into a painting is very gratifying and gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. I love it.

What is your favorite thing about art?

My favorite thing about visual art is the process — the actual physical act of making art. To take an idea and carry it to the next level is very satisfying and rewarding, especially when it works. Art is everywhere and there is an artist in all of us.

Where is one of your favorite places to paint and why?

One of my favorite places to paint would be anywhere by the sea: the south of France (Côte d'Azur), the Rhode Island coast and Maine coast as well as the Cape Cod shores. After having visited these places, I can easily say painting there is like being in heaven.