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Ed Pond

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Science, Head of Senior Project Program
Head of Kravis Hall, Head Coach of Boys and Girls Water Polo Teams
Faculty member since 1996
B.A. Bowdoin College
M.A. Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics

What drew you to Loomis?

I was offered the opportunity to work immediately with great students (teaching AP Physics and Physics Advanced), coach dedicated athletes (water polo and swimming) and join a community that is engaged and supportive.

How have you benefitted from science being a part of your life?

My interest in science was cultivated by encountering great teachers not only in high school but college as well as while I pursuing my Masters and I really enjoy sharing that passion with my students. I enjoy problem solving and feel that my science background dovetails with that pursuit.

You were previously a dorm head for many years and then lived out of the dorms for a few. What is your favorite part of returning as a dorm head?

Returning to the dorm has reconnected me with the Kravis boys and the broader community in a way that I value dearly. Getting to know students and work with them in a setting outside the classroom or athletic setting really is very satisfying.

What is one class you’d highly recommend students interested in science take and why?

I’m biased, but taking Physics or Physics Advanced here at Loomis is vital for anyone interested in learning about science or pursuing science or engineering beyond high school. The course content and problem solving skills that are explored help to build a foundational understanding from which students can move forward in multiple directions with a great deal of confidence.

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