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Elizabeth Parada

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Modern and Classical Languages (Spanish)
Director of Multicultural Affairs
Faculty member since 1999
A.B. Mount Holyoke College
M.P.H. University of Massachusetts, Amherst

What drew you to Loomis?

The beginning of my career at Loomis actually happened by chance. I was working at Amherst Regional High School when my husband who is a musician performed on the Island. My predecessor was about to go on sabbatical and she and my husband started talking about the position. I visited Loomis and was completely blown away by what a great place this is and I was drawn to being able to teach as well as work administratively in multicultural affairs. When the opportunity to work here presented itself, I gladly jumped at it.

What do you hope for this next generation of students?

Find ways to get outside of oneself, and that's not something that can be easily done. If students are able to get outside of themselves and see things through someone else's lenses, experience the world through a different perspective, they learn about themselves, and they learn a greater appreciation of the things around them. With everything that will come their way, a broader prospective can help gain peace when times get hard.

What do you think it takes to be a successful student at Loomis?

A successful student at Loomis is someone who is willing to accept the support that exists here while also relying on their own talents and abilities to move them forward. Successful Loomis Chaffee students are intelligent but about making modifications to maximize their ability to learn, and trust in the guidance that’s offered here on the Island. It is important to form connections with other students and your advisor or a specific teacher; interaction with teachers, coaches, and students fosters community and relationship building, which is very critical during these years.

What is most rewarding about your career?

It is really wonderful to see the students evolve as they attend school here and there really is something about becoming your best self that comes to life over the course of a student’s time at Loomis Chaffee. You don’t always see the change right in front of you, and sometimes, it takes a few years. It’s great to also see the alumni who come back and say that you have influenced their career choice or other decisions that they have made since leaving Loomis Chaffee. To see their growth and know that anything I have done as well as anything my colleagues have done has helped them to blossom is very rewarding.