Lori Caliguiri

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History, Philosophy, & Religious Studies
Faculty member since 2011
B.A. Lehigh University
M.A. Yale University, History

Why did you decide to come to Loomis?

As part of my interview at Loomis, I had to prepare and teach a class for AP European History. I was so impressed by how well the students engaged in the discussion, both with each other and with me, that I knew this was a special place. That class showcased an intellectually rigorous and supportive academic environment.

What is your favorite time period in history?

My favorite period in U.S. history is the time directly following the American Revolution. The fate of the nation was precarious; it was not a foregone conclusion that America would succeed. It’s great when students begin to appreciate the debates and compromises that ensued in order to establish the time-proven system we still operate under today.

Why do you enjoy teaching history?

I enjoy teaching history because it enables us to better understand what is happening today. Furthermore, I teach history as a narrative, or a story about people and their interactions with one another and their environment. When my students study historical figures as real people, they can better understand the role that individual motives, fears and desires played (and continue to play) in shaping the course of history.

Who inspires you most? Why?

That’s an easy question for me because I’ve always been inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt. She was able to overcome a great deal of pain in her life and went on to inspire and bring hope to countless individuals. Although she was orphaned as a child, lost a brother in her youth and, in her adulthood, endured a challenging marriage, she never wallowed in self-pity but rather persevered through her hardships and ultimately changed the world. I think she serves as a good reminder of the capacity for fortitude that we all have but which is often under-utilized.