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Mark Zunino

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Visual Arts
Faculty member since 2007
B.F.A. Hartford Art School, University of Hartford, Printmaking
M.F.A. UMASS Amherst, Printmaking

What drew you to Loomis?

After attending graduate school, I went on to the work in the college system and saw that there was a potential for me to fulfill my desire to teach full-time in a private school environment at Loomis Chaffee. In fact, while I was working at Smith College, a colleague of mine and former visiting artist at Loomis who was having an exhibit at the Mercy Gallery told me to consider looking into the Loomis art program because of all it had to offer. Seeing the Richmond Art Center, especially the Printmaking studio, made me think that Loomis was a place where there are opportunities for students and faculty to develop both artistically and intellectually.

Why do you feel teaching art is important?

For me, the definitive target of teaching art is to have individuals experience what I call the 'original thought'. In other words, through sequential learning and the development of basic skill sets in diverse media, students are potentially able to create something that becomes utterly meaningful and independently unique to them.

Who is someone that has inspired you and why?

My lithography professor, Fred Wessel has inspired me greatly. He showed me that you can be someone who makes art and also enjoys a 'normal' existence.

You also teach in the Loomis Chaffee Summer Program. What draws you to that program?

The Summer Program classes have a wonderful easygoing feel to them, where kids are fully engaged yet they bring a relaxed summertime attitude to each class.