Scott MacClintic

Director of Innovation, Pearse Hub for Innovation
Head Coach Boys JV Baseball
Faculty member since 1990
B.S. Trinity College

What drew you to Loomis

I taught at The Albany Academy for four years and knew from that experience that education was my calling and immediately thought of returning to Loomis Chaffee to repay my ‘debt’ to the school. I had taken a variety of different things with me from my experiences at LC that have made me who I am today and I felt a strong need to give back to the community that meant so much to me as an adolescent. The relationships I had with classmates—and more importantly, teachers, coaches, and advisors—were so profound and long-lasting that I felt an obligation to try and be a part of that magic for other individuals who decided to come to LC. After 20+ years back at Loomis, I figure that I had repaid about a term or two of my freshman year—I guess I need to stay for a few more years!

What is it like using a flipped classroom for science?

The single best thing that I have done in 27 years of teaching is switching to a flipped-classroom model. In using this model, class time is freed for real learning; the bulk of class time is no longer dedicated to delivery of content, but rather is used for the building of and demonstration of mastery by the students. The classroom is far more student-centered as a result of the shift; my role has gone from being the deliverer of content to the creator of opportunities. I get far more time to know my students as learners as they master the material and apply as well as transfer their knowledge and skills to situations that stretch them intellectually.

What is your favorite material or lesson you teach and why?

Students are my favorite material—every student presents a new and different challenge for me as a teacher. Every student is unique and at a different place in their development and maturity as a learner therefore, I am always challenged as a teacher, regardless of what subject I am officially teaching them.

What is the Kravis Center and why is it important to Loomis?

The Kravis Center is the embodiment of the school's belief that great teachers are not born great but become great with training, support, and a commitment to ongoing professional development. The Kravis Center is an on-campus resource for all LC faculty as they grow and develop as teachers. If we are true to our mission and want to instill in our students a commitment to life-long learning, then we should model that attitude and life style for our students. There is no better way than to be life-long learners ourselves, which is the ongoing mission of the Kravis Center.

Pelican Scoop Podcast: Pearse Hub for Innovation, PHI

Scott MacClintic and Jen Solomon, Director and Associate Director of Innovation respectively, on the Pearse Hub for Innovation, the PHI, which is currently under construction as part of Loomis Chaffee’s new campus center.