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Writing at Loomis Chaffee

The Process and the Product

Decade after decade, Loomis graduates find that their writing skills far exceed those of many of their peers, no matter what major and career they pursue. With a longstanding emphasis on superior writing, Loomis teaches students not only how to write well, but also how to understand the science of good writing. Our English Department faculty lead these efforts with a four-year writing program, the heart of which is the Writing Workshop, which meets once a week throughout the sophomore year.

The emphasis on good writing extends well beyond our English instruction: in the sciences, students learn to formulate cogent lab reports; in history classes, they write extensive research papers; in social sciences, foreign language sections, and philosophy, psychology, and religious studies, they compose papers, personal reflections, and narratives. Over the course of their Loomis careers, our students develop essential writing competencies across the curriculum.

Opportunities for Writers

The Loom Publishes Fall Online Edition "Space"

The Loom, Loomis Chaffee’s student-led literary publication, has released its Fall 2019 online edition featuring a collection of original creative writing and artwork by students on the theme of “Space.”

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Students Exhibit the Write Stuff

Loomis Chaffee celebrated the work of 18 student writers with an opening reception for the Emerging Writers exhibit in the Richmond Art Center on Tuesday, September 17.

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