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LC Scholars Program

The LC Scholars program is an extraordinary educational opportunity for students who demonstrate exceptional intellectual curiosity and potential for leadership. LC Scholars are students we believe will be valuable members of our community and who will gain from the experiences made available through this highly selective program. Each year, we enroll between five and seven freshmen as LC Scholars, a distinction they hold throughout their four years at Loomis.

About the Program

The LC Scholars program provides summer enrichment, ongoing mentoring, and international travel to applicants who demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities, outstanding academic work, and an extraordinary commitment to “the best self and the common good.” All 9th grade applicants who fit these criteria will be considered for this program. Financial aid is also available for scholars who apply and qualify for need-based financial aid.

Travel: During the summer between sophomore and junior years, LC Scholars receive a funded opportunity to travel abroad either through the Loomis Chaffee Alvord Center for Global & Environmental Sciences or another comparable program of the scholar’s choosing. In recent years, LC Scholars have traveled to Belize, Costa Rica, Cuba, France, Fiji, Ghana, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Thailand, and more.

Summer Program: LC Scholars are welcome and encouraged to attend the Loomis Chaffee Summer Program (LCSP) for either three or five weeks. The Scholars take three courses: one Writing course and two Elective courses. In addition, LC Scholars will participate in additional special programming designed to enhance their orientation to Loomis Chaffee. These opportunities focus on preparing the Scholars to get the most out of their Loomis Chaffee experience while providing them with the chance to interact, bond, and study side-by-side with other newly enrolled LC Scholars along with a host of current Loomis Chaffee students. They also partake in the LCSP athletic, student, and dorm life activities, including trips to local points of interest and excursions to Boston or New York City. Call or email Director Jim O'Donnell with questions (860-687-6279, Jim_Odonnell@loomis.org).

Academic Experience: During the course of their four years on the Island, LC Scholars will experience numerous enrichment and leadership opportunities and participate in meetings with each other, the head of school, and other leaders in the community. During the course of their four years on the Island, LC Scholars will be encouraged to pursue additional enrichment opportunities through the Norton Family Center for the Common Good and the Alvord Center for Global Studies & Environmental Studies. Following Loomis, our LC Scholars have matriculated to such colleges and universities as Brown, Colby, Dartmouth, Middleburg, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Wellesley, Williams, and Yale.



How do I apply to be selected as an LC Scholar?
Every 9th grade applicant will be considered for the LC Scholars program automatically. This 4-year program begins in 9th grade and continues for all 4 years.

Should I submit any supplementary materials in order to enhance my chances for this program?
No. Decisions will be based on the information in your admission file.

What criteria is used to select the LC Scholars?
Selection of LC Scholars will based on academic credentials, intellectual curiosity, social and extracurricular engagement, and leadership potential.

How will I find out if I am selected as an LC Scholar?
LC Scholars will be notified when admission decision letters are mailed on March 10.

Can my child apply to be an LC Scholar if he/she is applying for 10th or 11th grade?
No. The LC Scholars are selected from the 9th grade applicant pool and they enter the school together as 9th graders.

Is there an international component to the LC Scholars Program?
Yes. In addition to attending school with students from around the world, LC Scholars are given the opportunity to travel abroad the summer following their sophomore year.

What summer program do the LC Scholars attend prior to their freshman year?
All LC Scholars are invited to attend the Loomis Chaffee Summer Program (LCSP). At LCSP the Scholars take three courses; two from the LCSP curriculum, plus a specially designed LC Scholar Seminar. The seminar focuses on preparing the Scholars to get the most out of their Loomis Chaffee experience while providing them with the chance to interact, bond, and study side-by-side with other newly enrolled LC Scholars. They also partake in all of the other athletic and social activities offered at LCSP.

My family is worried about paying for an independent school education. Will this program help us afford Loomis Chaffee?
Yes. If your family is applying for financial aid, you are eligible for additional funds to help cover tuition expenses as well as expenses like a laptop computer, books, fees, supplies, and travel when necessary.

If my family does not need financial aid, am I still eligible to become an LC Scholar?
Yes. Students whose families do not need help paying the Loomis Chaffee tuition can be named LC Scholars.

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