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When is the financial aid application due?

The financial aid application is due January 31 for both new and returning students.

Who should I call if I have questions about the SSS financial aid application?

Contact SSS Customer Service Center: 1-800-344-8328 or sss@nais.org Assistance is available in English and Spanish

How is a financial aid package determined?

Once Loomis and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) has received the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS), they will use a standard calculation to make an assessment called the Report of Family Contribution (RFC). The RFC is the estimated dollar amount that a family is seen to have available to contribute toward the education of their children. The Financial Aid Committee uses the RFC as a starting point from which to determine a financial aid award.

What if we have special circumstances that we feel the financial aid committee should take into consideration?

Any special financial concerns should be included in the notes section of the PFS.

What if my 2019 tax return is not available by January 31?

We require two years of tax information. If your 2019 federal tax return is not completed, please submit to SSS your complete 2017 federal return in addition to the complete 2018 tax return. If you have 2019 W2s, please upload those as well.

If parents are divorced or separated, who fills out the financial aid application?

Each parent, regardless of custodial arrangements, must complete a financial aid application.

What is the Loomis Chaffee Scholars Program?

The LC Scholars Program is an extraordinary educational opportunity for students who show exceptional intellectual and leadership qualities. All applicants to the 9th grade are considered for the program by virtue of submitting an admission application. Read more.

What if I have more than one child in school?

Tuition expenses for all children in tuition charging schools (excluding graduate school) will be taken into consideration. Please be sure to include all children and all educational expenses in the designated place on the PFS. We will collect documentation for these expenses at a later date.

What if we own our own business or farm?

Please be sure to submit to SSS all tax documentation regarding your business. This may include, but is not limited to, K-1s, 1120s, 1065s and your Schedule E.

Is financial aid available for non-U.S. citizens?

Yes, but on a limited basis. The application process for financial aid is the same as for domestic students except international students must also complete the International Student Financial Aid Profile.

If we receive financial aid in our child’s first year, will we receive financial aid in subsequent years?

Yes. You must reapply every year for financial aid, and your award will be adjusted based on changes in your family’s financial situation.

Does applying for financial aid hurt my child’s chances of being admitted to Loomis Chaffee?

In most cases we only admit students whom we are able to fund through our financial aid budget. However, each year we put a small number of admitted students on our financial aid waiting list, and a second group of students is denied admission because we are unable to provide financial aid for them.

If my child enrolls at Loomis Chaffee without receiving financial aid, can we apply for aid in subsequent years?

You may apply, but it is unlikely that we will be able to meet your need. However, if your family’s financial circumstances change while your child is enrolled, we will make every effort to provide aid at that time.

What is the Loomis school code, to be used when filing a PFS?


When will I find out if we got financial aid?

Financial aid decisions are available with Admission decisions on March 10th. For returning students, financial aid decisions are available when reenrollment contracts are issued.

What happens if I forget to sign my tax return?

It may not be considered valid.