Aidan Gillies

  • Boarder

Class of 2021
Chandler, Arizona, USA


Why did you choose Loomis?
I chose Loomis because of how strong and diverse the community is. We are not a school filled with one kind of student but with many and because of that I knew I would be accepted and surrounded by people I could learn from.

Favorite subjects:
English, History, and Social Science

Activities on campus:
Student Council, Student Activities, Debate, Model UN, Cross Country, Track & Field, In The Loop, Residential Life

A fun fact about me:
I got a cow for my sixth birthday.

What is your favorite question you get asked on tour?

“Do you have time to do everything you want at Loomis?”

Yes, if you're willing to take the time to set up your schedule either by yourself or with your advisor you can always find a way to do all of the things you want. It can be challenging sometimes because there are so many amazing opportunities here that you'll want to take advantage of but if you play your cards right you can.

What do you want to make sure prospective students and families know about Loomis?
When meeting a prospective student and their family I want them to know that Loomis is more than just academics. Yes, academics are important and a major focus of the schools, but hundreds of schools can give you could academics. What sets us apart is that you are growing as a person while you are here, every aspect of life on campus is veered towards letting kids be kids but also being productive at the same time. I think Loomis has found the perfect balance between work and fun and that balance is why so many students are happy here.

  • Class of 2021