Evan Caulfield

  • Boarder
  • Head Tour Guide

Class of 2022
San Diego, California, USA


Why did you choose Loomis?
I chose Loomis because it had the most humble, grounded community I observed looking at boarding schools.

Favorite subjects:
English and Philosophy/Ethics

Activities on campus:
Student Council, Member of the Writing Studio, Baseball, Basketball

A fun fact about me:
I won a meerkat look-alike contest at a Texas carnival.

What is your favorite question you get asked on tour?

“Dorm life?”

There’s a different type of bond you form with the people you LIVE with. The best conversations we ever have happen after 2 a.m., right?

What do you want to make sure prospective students and families know about Loomis?
I want to make sure that they understand that there truly is a place for everyone at Loomis, and you feel the constant support of friends and teachers around you as they push you towards the best version of yourself.

  • Class of 2022