Jake Lotreck

  • Boarder

Class of 2021
Tolland, Connecticut, USA


Why did you choose Loomis?
I wanted to excel academically and athletically in an environment made up of motivated students and dedicated faculty who support each other and foster a welcoming community.

Favorite subjects:
Physics, Calculus

Activities on campus:
Cross Country, Track, RA in batch, E-Proctor, writing studio staff, Water Warriors Instructor, Student Council Rep, and Musician (Trumpet)

A fun fact about me:
I love to cook, dance, and play basketball with friends.

What is your favorite question you get asked on tour?

“What is there to do on weekends for students?”

Not only does Loomis offer a variety of weekend activities including dances, movie nights, festivals with food, buses to West Hartford, sports games, dorm activities, and more, but students are able to hang out with their friends, walk to town, and decide for themselves what they want to do in their free time and make of their Loomis experience.

What do you want to make sure prospective students and families know about Loomis?
I want them to know about all the opportunities there are for students and the resources provided for academics and athletics. I emphasize the incredible community filled with students of diverse backgrounds.

  • Class of 2021