Tommy Hamel

  • Day Student
  • Head Tour Guide

Class of 2021
Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA


Why did you choose Loomis?
I chose Loomis to immerse myself in a community that truly cares for one another and strives for the common advancement in education.

Favorite subjects:
Math, Physics

Activities on campus:
Head Tour Guide, Lacrosse, QRC Tutor

A fun fact about me:
Was once on SportsCenter Top 10.

What is your favorite question you get asked on tour?

“What's the indent on the step on the way into Founders?”

One of my favorite pieces of Loomis history and tradition, this is simply due to the wear-and-tear of 100+ years of students walking to and from class on this very step. A few years ago, there were efforts to restore this step, and a group of students petitioned against it to maintain this piece of our history.

What do you want to make sure prospective students and families know about Loomis?
I always want to make sure families know about the community feeling present inside of the loop on campus as this is the number one thing that has contributed to my positive experiences at Loomis.

  • Class of 2021